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Product: Observant Remote Management SystemObservant Remote Management SystemObservant Remote Management System

WORKING alone in remotes areas has never been easy, particularly when you are situated on an isolated cattle station in the Northern Territory.

The Observant Remote Management System was developed by Observant through a need to reduce time, fuel and vehicle maintenance costs associated with managing on-station water and livestock in extremely isolated areas.

The product developed needed to cope with limited power supply and patchy mobile phone coverage but also needed to be rugged with a highly visible enclosure, with easy-to-install electronics and simple operation allowing easy interpretation.

Central to the Observant system is the Observant C2 — a remote unit which communicates, using UHF and/or Next G™ technology, from a remote location to a central computer, usually located in an office.

The principal function of the remote unit is to allow data (pictorial and numerical) to be viewed and management decisions to be made — without undertaking time consuming (and fuel dependant) manual checking, across hundreds of kilometres.

From the Observant desktop software, equipment can be turned on and off, cameras can be viewed and water flow monitored. Water levels (high level and low level) can be set for pump control, and auto drafting and tag reading can be collated.

Observant has worked hard to establish strategic relationships with the people and companies who already work in the pastoral and animal management arena with the product set to increase in use and popularity.

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