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Nvidia, Bosch to produce AI self-driving car computer

Last week, Bosch announced it is working with Nvidia  to develop artificial intelligence self-driving systems for mass market cars. Bosch CEO Dr. Volkmar Denner unveiled the collaboration during his keynote address at Bosch Connected World, in Berlin, at Bosch Group’s annual Internet of Things (IoT) conference.

Nvidia and Bosch are developing an AI self-driving car computer built on Nvidia’s deep learning software and hardware that enables vehicles to be trained on the complexities of driving, operated autonomously and updated over the air with new features and capabilities, according to an Nvidia news release.

“Self-driving cars is a challenge that can finally be solved with recent breakthroughs in deep learning and artificial intelligence,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, founder and CEO, Nvidia. “Using Drive PX AI car computer, Bosch will build automotive-grade systems for the mass production of autonomous cars. Automated driving makes roads safer, and artificial intelligence is the key to making that happen,” said Denner.

The Bosch AI car computer system will be based on next-generation Nvidia Drive PX technology with Xavier, the upcoming AI car superchip, the world’s first single-chip processor designed to achieve what Bosch and Nvidia term as level-4 autonomous driving.

The unprecedented level of performance of Xavier is necessary to handle the massive amount of computation required for the tasks self-driving vehicles must perform. These include running deep neural nets to sense surroundings, understanding the 3D environment, localising themselves on an HD map, predicting the behaviour and position of other objects, as well as computing car dynamics and a safe path forward.

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