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Nufarm loses rights to sell Roundup, will make its own glyphosate

Agricultural chemicals maker Nufarm has announced that it will be making its own glyphosate after Monsanto cancelled a distribution agreement yesterday.

Nufarm has been selling Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller since 2002, and sells an estimated $100 million worth of the product each year, according to the Wall Street Journal. Nufarm will stop selling the product after August 28.

The company’s managing director Douglas Rathbone said that the market for the herbicide had become very competitive, and suppliers were not making the profits they had previously enjoyed.

''The brand premium attached to Roundup has consequently been eroded,'' he said in a statement reported by AAP.

''We will now focus our ongoing investment in glyphosate on Nufarm's own brands where we can build long-term value on a more secure basis and ensure our cost competitiveness.''

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