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NSW pet food factory workers win pay rise


Workers at the Real Pet Food factory in Dubbo have won pay rises of up to 30 per cent in a new union agreement.

A four-year agreement was negotiated between the Real Pet Food Company and Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union, resulting in pay rises for its (approximate) 100 employees.

Depending on their shift, some workers could be paid as much as $260 extra each week, according to the union.

All employees won a pay rise of 4.5 per cent in the first year of the agreement, on top of a reclassification that increased wages by 2 per cent.

Pay rises in the years following will result in a 12 per cent pay increase over the timeframe of the agreement.

Furthermore, the agreement includes penalty rates for workers covering afternoon and evening shifts; 15 per cent loading for the afternoon shift and 30 per cent for the evening shift.

Other benefits include recognition of union delegates, improved arbitration measures and better protection from unfair dismissals.

The site was previously non-union, with workers joining last year in order to improve pay and conditions at the factory.

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