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NSW to open space manufacturing facility

As part of its $5 million Space Strategy, launched on Wednesday, the NSW government has committed to developing a space manufacturing and testing facility at the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

“Nearly every industry is looking to increase its output and improve its efficiency through space-enabled technologies,” Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres, said.

“Space is not just about what’s up there, it’s also about what’s down here. These technologies are used in robotics, agriculture, energy, communications, transportation, aviation, advanced manufacturing, information technology and construction. They are in the technology we all use in our daily lives.”

Launching the NSW Space Industry Development Strategy, Ayres announced that NSW government was committed to developing a space manufacturing and testing facility at the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. The facility will include space, aviation, defence and advanced manufacturing industries and training and research institutions.

New manufacturing, design and software technologies have reduced barriers to entry into the space sector. They have also ushered in a new era of low-cost satellites and payloads, known as Space 2.0, in which small companies and startups can play a larger role, according to the report.

The Space Strategy will also include the delivery of a National Space Industry Hub, located in the Sydney Innovation and Technology Precinct

In developing the strategy, the NSW Treasury consulted with space industry stakeholders in the state. It consists of five key strategy areas underpinned by initiatives to promote further growth and innovation in the industry. The strategy aims to:

  1. Foster collaboration across the industry and with the research community
  2. Help to develop a fit-for-purpose workforce
  3. Support the growth of industry precincts
  4. Maximise NSW space industry activity in the national space ecosystem
  5. Grow exports and attract investment

The Australian space industry employs 9,500–11,500 people and generates annual revenues of $3–4 billion. NSW has the largest share of Australia’s space industry, being home to 41 per cent of Australian space-related businesses and generating around half of all revenue nationally.

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