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NSW focused on building advanced manufacturing sector

The NSW Government has launched the NSW Advanced Manufacturing Industry Development Strategy, which proposes a dozen new initiatives to transform the state into a global leader in advanced manufacturing.

The strategy builds on the collective efforts of the NSW Government and the Commonwealth Government, such as the NSW Manufacturing Industry Action Plan (2012). It also builds on the Commonwealth Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC).

Facilitating the development of advanced knowledge, driving the adoption of advanced processes, supporting the implementation of advanced business models, growing exports and attracting investment are the key themes of the new strategy.

The state minister for industry, Niall Blair said the work in this strategy coordinates actions across government, industry and research institutions to ensure that NSW manufacturing firms have everything they need to stay at the cutting edge.

“Our manufacturers touch the lives of almost every person in NSW every day – they keep the economy turning, provide vital products and create jobs across the state,” Mr Blair said.

“I believe NSW needs a strong manufacturing sector to unlock the opportunities the future holds.

“What matters most is not what a firm makes, but how they make it – that is what defines advanced manufacturing. We want to encourage NSW manufacturing firms to build on their significant strengths and excel on the world stage.”

NSW firms generate almost 30 percent of the nation’s manufacturing output, totaling approximately $33 billion in industry value-added. The sector in NSW employs about 253,000 people, invests about $6.7 billion annually in R&D and exports products worth $2.4 billion.

The NSW Advanced Manufacturing Industry Development Strategy is available at

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