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Note Printing Australia allegedly had secret dealings with Saddam Hussein

Note Printing Australia (NPA), a company owned by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) allegedly had secret business dealings with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

According to a joint investigation by the ABC and Fairfax Media, NPA went to Iraq to discuss the sale of plastic notes to the Iraqi government at a time when the UN economic sanctions against Iraq were in force.

The trip, which took place in 1998, was code named Delta Project. On that trip, the company met a middleman – Hussein’s brother-in-law and bodyguard Arshad Yassin.

According to Yassin, Hussein saw samples of the bank notes and wanted Iraq to introduce them. 
RBA officials reported in secret files that Hussein’s office had allocated $US65 million ($69.8 million) for the project.

However, the project was called off six months later after Australian diplomats uncovered the dealings and warned the company that it may have breached Australia’s obligations under international law.


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