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Northrop Grumman and Flinders University sign research MoU

Northrop Grumman Australia and Flinders University have signed of a new co-operative agreement to explore opportunities for internships, work experience and graduate programs.

The agreement also encourages the participation of Northrop Grumman staff in education and training programs offered by Flinders.

Defence industry minister Christopher Pyne said the partnership promoted closer collaboration and co-operation between industry and academia.

“This new partnership will promote research and education co-operation between the two organisations to support current and future defence related programs,” Pyne said.

“This is a win-win for both academia and industry, allowing both organisations to share innovative ideas and knowledge that will not only benefit the defence industry and innovation sector, but also further education and training in defence related programs.”

The agreement will provide greater opportunities to the defence industry and innovation sector and will support the growth and development of Australia’s skills and technology base.

“Engagement between defence companies and academic institutions is vital to the up-skilling of future workers for cutting edge defence programs in South Australia and around the nation and I welcome these two parties joining together for this important agreement.”

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