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NMW puts recycling products in the spotlight

SwarfTech will introduce a complete new range of equipment designed for responsible and profitable recycling on stand 5716 during NMW at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 27 to 30.

Heading the display will be two new product ranges, JMC, for recycling metal materials such as aluminium, and MKR Metzger process fluid recycling systems.

The Imabe range, for processing heavy duty scrap metal such as steel, will also be under the spotlight along with the company’s traditional RUF, Reinbold and Moco ranges.

Much of the new equipment, which will include large scrap balers, car balers and water and process fluids recyclers, will be seen in Australia for the first time at the exhibition, with MKR equipment being demonstrated on the stand.

According to Swarftech manager Wayne Carracher, corporate responsibility for pollution control extends beyond the gates of a company’s main activity.

“For instance, companies that produce metal swarf as a result of manufacturing processes are liable for any oil and emulsion leakages that occur during residue transportation.

“This applies whether they have control of that transportation or whether it is carried out by a third party.”

A division of Acora Reneco Group, SwarfTech will use the exhibition to provide both “vital information and opportunities for responsible and profitable recycling,” he said.

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