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Nitrogen generation

Generating nitrogen where it is needed – the at-scale generation of nitrogen to support operational needs across mine sites is a challenge that CAPS Australia has produced an efficient solution for.

CAPS (Complete Air and Power Solutions) has engineered and delivered customised, mine-spec nitrogen (N2) generation systems to support on-site the demands of large-scale mining and manufacturing operations.

With over four decades in the industry, CAPS has proven itself as an industry leader and trusted partner, supplying and supporting tailored air compressor systems, power generation solutions and nitrogen (N2) generation sets to the mining, agriculture and food manufacturing sectors.

CAPS on-site containerised nitrogen

With nationwide branches and 24/7 service, CAPS ensures production continuity with bespoke solutions. Image: CAPS

CAPS was recently contracted to develop a containerised solution to provide a constant supply of nitrogen at 9520 m3/hr with over 97 per cent purity.  To achieve the massive volume of consumable nitrogen, CAPS designed and installed ten compressor skids each utilising Ingersoll Rand RS315ie-A14 screw air compressors for the primary stage of the system.

Integrating Beko refrigeration technology to enhance the compressed air quality, CAPS incorporated multiple membrane nitrogen generators in each container. The membrane generators are quieter, weigh less and have stable pressure and flow stability, compared to pressure swing absorption. 

CAPS engineered the required nitrogen generator pressure vessels for the solution, complying with Australian Standards AS1210:2010 and applicable local regulatory requirements. Specialised controllers deliver increased operational functionality through an intuitive user interface, as well as providing remote access.

The containerised solution provides a number of key operational benefits including noise management and providing full weather protection to the nitrogen membrane and its control system. The solution turns a complex piece of equipment into “Plug & Play” setup, enhancing the ease of commissioning and supporting dynamic operations with the potential for the total system to be relocated.

As Ingersoll-Rand’s largest Australian distributor and key partner to Beko, the solution is another example of CAPS’s engineering and manufacturing excellence that delivers the industry leading solutions clients need to suit their operations.

CAPS’ proven industrial nitrogen

CAPS’ containerised nitrogen solution offers plug-and-play convenience, weather protection, and operational flexibility. Image: CAPS

CAPS supplies nitrogen generation systems to a large range of clients across mining, oil and gas, wineries, food manufacturing, agriculture, laboratory, electronics production, and industrial manufacturing across Australia.

While each client has unique requirements of nitrogen purity, flow rates and pressure, the cost-effective engineering solutions developed by CAPS help to reduce energy costs and minimise operational impacts on the environment. CAPS are end-to-end specialists with engineering expertise in air compression systems that are at the core of consumable gas systems.

The CAPS commitment

CAPS’ innovative approach integrates Ingersoll Rand compressors and Beko technology. Image: CAPS

An independent company with the flexibility to deliver global leading products that are competitively priced, technologically advanced and suited to Australian operating environments, CAPS works alongside world-renowned partner brands to deliver peace of mind and ensure production continuity.

CAPS Australia specialises in end-to-end solutions. Its dedicated in-house engineering capability allows the company to design, supply and install bespoke, purpose-built systems for clients. Providing the solutions clients need for their specific applications, CAPS has state-of-the-art factory acceptance testing facilities to assure quality and compliance across its equipment range.

With ten branches nationwide and 24/7 service for maintenance and breakdowns, CAPS makes it easy to get expert advice, support, and parts when clients need it – leading the industry in service and solutions.

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