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Nissan plans $2bn manufacturing complex in Mexico

Nissan Motor Co will build a $USD2.0 billion manufacturing complex in Mexico, creating 3,000 jobs in the area and another 9,000 within the supply chain.

The plant, planned for Aguascalientes, will be built to support the company’s growth strategy in the Americas.

The facility will join two other Nissan manufacturing plants in Mexico, and will be operational late 2013.

It will support production of up to 175,000 units annually of the automotive manufacturers’ ‘B’ platform products, however further growth will be supported if demand requires.

The State of Aguascalientes was reportedly chosen for its proximity to Nissan’s existing manufacturing plant in the same state, which offers direct access to skilled labor and suppliers. 

Once operational, Nissan will be generating more than one million units per year from Mexico.

According to Nissan, the first development phase of the Aguascalientes site will be new body, trim and chassis and paint manufacturing capabilities, along with parts warehousing and logistics operations. 

Nissan’s expansion in Mexico follows news that the company will also build a new manufacturing plant in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, which will begin production in the first half of 2014.

Nissan’s aggressive growth strategy will support the auto-maker’s newly-acquired ‘number two’ spot in the Americas market for Asian automotive companies.

On the home-front, Australia automotive manufacturers are fighting a tough battle against the high Australian dollar, and reduced export sales.

One of the three automotive companies manufacturing in Australia, Toyota, has just announced 350 redundancies as a result of decreased demand.

The Australian government has already announced ‘bail out’ funding for Ford, with news that funding for Holden will follow suit in the coming months.

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