The next revolution in stereolithography (SLA)


Increasing operational efficiency is a key part of business success. To support your innovation and productivity goals, 3D Systems is re-inventing stereolithography (SLA) with the introduction of a full SLA workflow solution, optimised for factory floor integration.

This automation-ready solution is comprised of the SLA 750 family of large-format printers, advanced production-grade photopolymer materials, the PostCure 1050 post-processing system, and the Oqton cloud-based manufacturing operation system. More than a seamless path from CAD to batch production, this solution sets a new standard for SLA production throughput, quality, and capability.  

The single-laser SLA 750 3D printer delivers up to 30 per cent faster print speeds than comparable SLA 3D printers and is fully upgradeable to the dual-laser SLA 750 Dual, the world’s first synchronous dual-laser SLA printer delivering twice the speed and up to triple the throughput of current SLA printers. The SLA 750 Dual uses dual imaging systems together with a proprietary scan algorithm, Hyper-Scan vector technology, and was developed especially for efficient, high-quality production manufacturing. 

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Multiplying SLA performance and productivity for the factory of tomorrow 

Join us as we reveal the revolutionary innovations that we are introducing with our new SLA 750 full workflow solution.

Providing breakthrough gains in speed, throughput, material performance, and cost-efficiency for factory-floor production, this complete solution features production-grade materials, automation compatibility, and AI-based seamless integration with all factory floor equipment. 

These innovations now more effectively answer your requirements, from prototyping to production, whether you are a service bureau, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, foundry or medical device manufacturer. 

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