“Zero” job losses as Ford shifts small car manufacture to Mexico: CEO

Image: Getty

Ford Motor Co. will move the assembly of all of its small cars made in US to Mexico though its CEO insists there will be no job losses.

Reuters reports that Mark Fields, the car maker’s chief executive, said that all of its small car manufacture remaining in the US would take place in Mexico in two or three years.

AFP notes that Ford had already made these plans clear, and already makes the Fiesta and Fusion vehicles in Mexico.

Republican presidential candidate and free trade critic Donald Trump said “We shouldn’t allow it to happen” while campaigning in Michigan.

“They think they’re going to get away with this and they fire all their employees in the United States and…move to Mexico,” said Trump.

Fields responded that the move would cost no jobs, with current workers to make higher-margin trucks and SUVs, and the issue shouldn’t be politicised.

“We will be replacing those products with two very exciting new products so not one job will be lost,” Detroit Free Press reports Fields as saying.