Yingli Solar’s new PV installation helps Fisher’s Group tackle carbon footprint

Yingli Solar has installed a 100kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system at
Fisher’s Group through its installation partner Gippsland Solar.

Yingli Green Energy Australia, known as Yingli Solar, is a
wholly-owned subsidiary of Yingli Green Energy, a world-leading manufacturer of
vertically integrated PV modules.

A large scale producer of timber pallets for the timber industry,
Fisher’s Group is committed to a broader green initiative for eliminating waste
and becoming a carbon neutral company. To support this initiative, Fisher’s
Group turned to Yingli Solar’s 250W high efficiency polycrystalline panels to
supply enough solar energy to offset 80 percent of its power usage throughout
the year.

The new solar power system installed at Fisher’s Group comprises of 400
Yingli Solar panels, and will allow the pallet manufacturer to reduce its
carbon footprint by 150 tonnes per year, with assured financial payback within
four to five years.

Daman Cole, Managing Director for Yingli Green Energy in Australia welcomes
the effort taken by local businesses such as Fisher’s Group to understand the
significant role solar can play in reducing costs and sustaining long-term
green initiatives. Organisations are also realising the full business potential
of sustainable energy, given that there are very few business investments providing
a guaranteed 20-25 percent return per year.

Fisher’s Group Founder and Managing Director, Lewis Fisher reiterated
their longstanding commitment to the very best of environmental practices. Installing
a solar power system was the next logical step to reducing their carbon
footprint and their business’ running costs.

He is confident that the reliability and long-term yield of Yingli solar
panels will prove to be a very wise investment. He added that they were very
comfortable using a trusted local company such as Gippsland Solar with local
workers, who will be there well into the future to support their system and
installation, ensuring long-term peace of mind.

Gippsland Solar’s installation proceeded very smoothly, delivering
everything from adherence to OH&S during the installation, communication
with the client throughout the project, and the professionalism of the
installation team.

A founding member of the Australian Solar Council’s Positive
Quality Program and the first solar PV manufacturer to receive the
Positive Quality certification, Yingli Solar is one of the world’s leading solar
panel manufacturers, having delivered more than 40 million panels or the
equivalent of over 10 GW of solar energy to homes, businesses and utilities