Wynyard signs $3.2m deal with Telstra for cyber security solution

Wynyard Group has launched Wynyard Advanced Cyber Threat Analytics (ACTA), a solution that discovers cyber threats inside the network, helping prevent events that could have a high consequence financial or reputational impact. Wynyard has signed Telstra as its foundation customer for ACTA . The total value of the deal is $3.2m over three years.

Wynyard CEO Craig Richardson said the company’s serviceable market for ACTA is estimated at over US$1.2 billion, growing at 14% per annum.

“Tools for detecting known threats are plentiful but ACTA fills a gap in the market.  ACTA has been keenly anticipated by organisations where a cyber breach could have a catastrophic consequence and having Telstra as foundation customer is a great endorsement of ACTA.”

ACTA identifies cyber breaches that have compromised traditional defences, providing protection from the never before-seen threats.  It operates inside the company network rapidly ingesting and processing big-data network logs using advanced machine learning techniques to analyse data for anomalous patterns that are out of step with usual behaviour.  Discovering threats hidden early in the timeline means potential harm and damage to a network can be identified, remedied and mitigated before significant operational or reputational impact occurs.

Telstra Corporation Limited, one of the world’s largest telecom companies, will use ACTA across its internal ICT network to assist in preventing high consequence cyber crime. ACTA will give Telstra the ability to identify anomalies and unusual patterns within the network providing a deeper understanding through the discovery of previously unknown threats.

Telstra Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Mike Burgess said: “ACTA will provide Telstra with a powerful intelligence and analytics platform that will allow us to quickly identify and explore key cyber threats and to contain those first seen cyber issues before they become a serious breach.

“A data analytics capability that identifies true ‘unknown-unknowns’ should be a fundamental part of any organisation’s cyber defence.  Wynyard’s ACTA software has an ability to identify true mathematical anomalies, rather than relying on known understanding of what is bad,” said Burgess.  

ACTA has been designed to help solve the problems CISO’s and their teams face around protecting against cyber-compromise that could have a high consequence impact.  

Designed for the world’s largest and most complex companies, ACTA can be deployed across all industries with high consequence cyber security concerns and is available now. It helps protect corporates where a cyber-security compromise could have a significant or catastrophic economic, operational or reputation impact. It is suitable for organisations with a cyber security team, or security providers who operate security operations for other organisations.

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