World’s largest concrete pump to help entomb Fukushima nuclear reactors

THE AUGUSTA Chronicle has reported that the world’s largest concrete pump will be flown to Japan to contain the failed nuclear reactors at Fukushima.

The Putzmeister pump was deployed at a Savannah River construction site for a mixed oxide fuel plant, but has been removed to a facility for modifications, after which it will be flown from Atlanta via an Antonov 225 cargo plane.

The pump has a 70m boom and can be controlled remotely from a safe environment, allowing its used in hazardous radioactive environments.

The pump will be used to pump water, and then to move concrete for the containment effort. It is capable of moving 210 cubic yards of concrete an hour.

Due to the intended application, the pump will most probably be contaminated with radiation and will not be returned to the US.

The move will cost an estimated US$1.4m, and is being underwritten by the Tokyo Electric Power Company through a contracting agreement with Putzmeister.

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