Workplace Solutions Focused on Workforce Safety

An accident at the workplace can have serious implications on the safety of workers. The quality of first response to an emergency can, however, minimise the impact of a workplace injury. At Enware Australia , workforce safety is at the heart of the design and manufacture of their entire range of emergency first response showers, eye washes and eye face washes.

How fast and how best a company can respond to an emergency situation will also depend on how well it is equipped to do so. When every second counts, it is critical that the company is prepared to provide emergency care, helping minimise the impact of a workplace injury.

Different sites, users and hazards may require specific and sometimes customised solutions to meet particular safety initiatives. Given the many choices, it’s important for the company to find the one that is right for their workplace.

Shower or eyewash? Or both?

Following an exposure situation, the affected worker can use an emergency safety shower to rapidly flush contaminants from the body. Eye and eye face washes are designed to provide a softer flush of the sensitive eyes and face. However, a combination of emergency safety showers and eye or eye face washes may be required in some workplace environments. Consult with Enware to make the right decision.

Portable eye washes

The quality of first response during a workplace emergency also depends on how fast the worker gets the required care. Sometimes, it may be necessary to have a portable eye wash system very close to the actual workplace so that the injured employee gets immediate care before proceeding to the first response emergency shower or eye wash station.

Customised solutions

Given that diverse industrial and commercial work environments have unique needs, it’s best to tailor an emergency first response solution to the specific work situation. Enware has a range of options for lighting, alarm systems or powder coating for corrosive environments, additional signage or specific outdoor installations.

Enware has been designing and manufacturing emergency showers and eye wash systems for almost 30 years. Enware has the experience and flexible manufacturing process to customise emergency systems to align with specific worksite challenges based on user requirements, hazards and other site requirements.

For more information, please visit the Enware Australia website.

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