Workers in manufacturing more likely to use the drug “ice”

The Australian Industry Group has said workers in the transport, manufacturing and construction industries are higher than average users of the drug ice.

In a submission to an inquiry on ice by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement, the Ai Group said workers in these industries were, on average, more likely to use the drug than average. Worryingly, these industries also featured a prevalence of heavy machinery and vehicles.

“However, despite the safety concerns, instinctive opposition from some unions when workplace drug and alcohol testing is raised has inhibited many employers in managing work health and safety risks,” said chief executive of the Ai Group, Innes Willox, in a statement.

"Unions need to drop their opposition and accept drug and alcohol testing regimes that will deter drug and alcohol use and lead to safer working environments.”

The Illawarra Mercury reports that the CFMEU in NSW and Transport Workers Union in Illawarra said the claim was inaccurate. The CFMEU supports drug testing via swabs, but not urine testing.

"The transport industry's got to be one of the most drug and alcohol-tested industries there are," Illawarra TWU secretary Nick McIntosh told the Mercury.

To read the Ai Group submission to the inquiry, click here.

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