Woodside proposes new hydrogen production facility for Rockingham


H2Perth conceptual image. Image credit: Woodside.

Woodside and the WA government have announced that a new 130ha hydrogen and ammonia production facility, named H2Perth, has been proposed for the Rockingham Industry Zone. 

H2Perth is anticipated to be one of the largest clean energy production facilities in the world when complete and will include more than $1 billion in capital expenditure. Construction on the facility will create 2,000 jobs, with a further 200 ongoing jobs expected once the facility is operational. 

The project will aim to produce low cost, low carbon-hydrogen based energy that enables increased renewable power generation in Western Australia. Once the phased development of H2Perth is complete, it will be capable of producing 1,500 tonnes of hydrogen per day. 

The project will be a major boost for economic development in the Rockingham region. 

“The City has long advocated to the state government of the need for new job creating industries to be established in the Rockingham region,” Mayor Deb Hamblin said. 

“This announcement regarding Woodside’s option to lease with DevelopmentWA in the Rockingham Industry Zone is welcome news for economic development in our community. Helping to facilitate growth in the Rockingham Industry Zone is a key part of the City’s Economic Development Strategy.” 

The City of Rockingham launched its Investment Prospectus in June 2021 and has been working with DevelopmentWA for the past two years to promote the Rockingham Industry Zone, she said. 

“The City looks forward to Woodside establishing itself as a major employer and energy provider in our region,” Hamblin said. 

“The Rockingham Industry Zone is strategically placed to allow for exciting synergies between businesses in industries such as renewable energy, Defence, transport and logistics, fabrication and minerals processing. The City looks forward to continuing to collaborate with key stakeholders with a view to attracting investment in Rockingham.” 

The news regarding Woodside’s proposed investment in the Rockingham Industry Zone follows on from several other proposed projects in the energy sector, including graphite and high purity alumina.