Wollongong gets new steel innovation hub

A new Steel Innovation Hub, based at University of Wollongong, has been announced, partnering companies such as BlueScope with the university.

The effort is being led by Professor Brian Monaghan from UOW’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, and is being funded by $5 million from the Australian Research Council, a contribution matching this from BlueScope, and $2 million from other companies involved.

The Illawarra Mercury reports that the hub will focus on aspects such as market research, innovative technologies and sustainability.

“The Hub will adopt an integrated, value chain-wide approach to the steel sector, with projects already mapped out for innovation strategy and management, customer-focused product development, innovation in coating and surface engineering technology, and economic and environmental sustainability of iron and steelmaking,” the university said in a statement.

Monaghan, who will have Oscar Gregory from BlueScope take over his role next year, said that steel is a major employer in Australia, with over 90,000 jobs and adding $8.7 billion to the economy.

“The Hub will address economic and environmental challenges in iron and steelmaking, positively impact on downstream partners and end users, securing the industry for future generations,” he said.

“It will revitalise the steel industry both locally in the Illawarra and the nation as a whole,” he said.

Other contributors include Bisalloy, the Australian Steel Institute and the University of NSW.

Image: econews.com.au


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