Wireless energy meters

Schneider Electric, the specialist in energy management and automation, has released the PowerLogic EM4300 Wireless Energy Meter. The meter has been specifically designed for retrofit situations and is quick and easy to install, taking up a small footprint within a switchboard.

Collecting a broad scope of electrical data, the PowerLogic EM4300 Wireless Energy Meter can be used to monitor energy consumption, detect potential savings and optimise the service for the building occupants.

“The PowerLogic EM4300 Wireless Energy Meter range is very flexible and has a high level of scalability,” Evonne Yin, Schneider Electric Energy Management Product Manager said. “The solution can be quickly fitted to the switchboard, so there is minimum downtime for the customer. There is no need to introduce additional cabling conduit, as the solution fits easily into the switchboard.”

In scenarios where several meters are fitted into the one switchboard, they can be connected with a single gateway. The wireless monitoring provides measurement performance of 1% accuracy. The transmission is actioned using Zigbee Pro HA protocol with 2.4GHz radio frequency and is compatible with Com’X and MPM gateways, data loggers and energy servers. Collected data is then transmitted through to a building management system so that analysis can be made.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” Evonne said. “The PowerLogic EM4300 Wireless Energy Meter allows building and facility managers to keep track of energy usage and make savings where possible. The wireless feature saves cabling and significantly reduces installation time, which makes it an excellent option.”