Why WYPALL* X wipers are better than rags in cleaning performance, efficiency, convenience and cost

Industrial and manufacturing facilities are focussed on continuous process improvements based on best practice to introduce operational, cost and compliance efficiencies with sustainable outcomes. Cleaning, for instance, which encompasses everything from mopping up spills and equipment maintenance to upkeep and preparing parts for painting, is an important operational activity that has implications on cost, machine and product performance, health and safety, and environmental compliance.

Industry stakeholders are relying on strategic sourcing of consumables to ensure cost savings, shop-floor visibility, cleaning efficiency and compliance. New regulatory changes and product innovations are also helping manufacturing companies balance environmental concerns with health, safety and cost objectives. Hazardous waste management regulations modified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2013 conditionally exclude solvent-contaminated wipes from hazardous waste regulations, provided that businesses clean or dispose of them properly.

Simultaneous product innovations in the wiper manufacturing sector have led to increased performance, convenience and application versatility in this cleaning consumable. Wiper manufacturers such as Kimberly-Clark Professional* have gone beyond softness and tear resistance to engineer new attributes into their product, influencing absorbency, heat and abrasion resistance, static discharge, lint content and particle emission.

WYPALL* X wipers from Kimberly-Clark Professional*

Made from Kimberly-Clark’s HYDROKNIT material, WYPALL* X wipers offer a balance of strength, durability, softness and absorbency. Comprised of a mix of cellulose fibres and polypropylene non-woven fabric, HYDROKNIT is a modern engineered material that delivers multiple advantages to the WYPALL* X range including superior softness, excellent hydroscopic properties, tear-resistant toughness, shape retention, and reusability.

Four key advantages set WYPALL* X wipers apart from conventional cloth-based cleaning products such as tea towels and rags: Cost, Cleaning Efficiency, Environmental Outcomes, and Safety.

Cost savings

Lightweight and super absorbent, WYPALL* X wipers deliver cost savings throughout their product lifecycle. The lower weight and less required volume (thanks to the higher absorbency) reduce transport costs, storage space requirement, resupply frequency, and disposal costs in comparison with traditional cloths and rags.

Increased efficiency

The wiper’s performance impacts the overall efficiency of the cleaning operation. WYPALL* X wipers are designed for efficient work in both material and packaging. The specially engineered material ensures long-lasting durability and excellent absorbency, allows use in wet or dry state, retains strength even when wet, and may not introduce lint into the workplace or workpiece. Supplied in high capacity, mobile or single sheet dispensing options ready for deployment into different work environments, the wipers can be placed in convenient locations to increase shop-floor access.


The higher absorbency and better wiping performance of WYPALL* X wipers minimise the quantity required for each cleaning task. Though disposable, the wipers can be rinsed and reused, extending their usable life. Being lightweight and compact, the wipers require less energy for transportation, and occupy less space in storage or landfill. The biodegradable cellulose base readily decomposes in landfill.


Quality of the consumable is an important factor with safety implications in cleaning operations for sanitary environments such as healthcare and food and beverage production. Unlike the unknown quality of rags, the HACCP certified WYPALL* X wipers can be confidently and safely used in these sensitive production environments. Their superior absorbency additionally ensures faster containment and clean-up of potentially hazardous spills, while minimising splashing, dripping and cross contamination.

WYPALL* X wipers are available in a versatile range of options to meet a broad scope of cleaning applications from light and medium duty wiping in food preparation to heavy duty maintenance tasks. Consult with Kimberly-Clark Professional* to find the best solutions for your specific industrial cleaning and maintenance needs.

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