‘Why it’s back to school for manufacturers’

For many workers in the manufacturing industry, the last time they stepped foot in a classroom was when teachers were still using chalkboards.

Today, you are more likely to find students chewing on the end of an iPad than the end of a pencil.

Thanks to technology and the internet, almost every industry has experienced some kind of transition, but none more so than manufacturing.

If you work in this industry then you had better prepare to pull your socks up, as the future of manufacturing is here and it’s more integrated, smarter and more complicated than it has ever been before.

Product Companies must learn to survive

Every product company, in every industry is facing disruption and most companies –particularly manufacturing ones- have invested in new technology to aid productivity and profitability.

However, according to Samir Hanna, vice president and general manager at Autodesk Consumer products, says companies looking to make their next move should first understand the trends behind these disruptions. Hanna refers to these as the four factors of transformation, and mostly all relate back to the consumer. These are:

  1. People adopt new technology quicker and more easily than before.
  2. Consumers are savvy, informed and empowered. They expect more.
  3. Industries are converging and working together to one end.
  4. People want bespoke, custom products.

Hanna says “look at all of these things, and then superimpose the speed. The velocity of change is the fastest that I’ve ever seen it, and it’s accelerating. So consumer- and industrial-product companies have to change the way they interact with customers.”

For some, transitioning will mean learning new skills, and creating new ways of doing things; adopting new technologies and collaborating with competitors- not working against them.

Get prepared with Autodesk University

Join Autodesk in their ‘university’, as you and your industry peers explore the Future of Making Things and how to transition with technology.

Highlights include:

  • Keynote presentation by manufacturer Reliance Worldwide and others
  • Guest presentation by Professor Roy Green from University of Technology Sydney on the future and opportunities in the local Manufacturing industry
  • Technical classes featuring core Autodesk products, simulation, data management, as well as exploring newer technologies like cloud, and 3D printing.

To register, please click here www.autodeskuniversity.com.au.

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