Where do I get the Maximum Return on my Business Investment?

Whether you are an existing business examining investment options for
expansion or a start-up venture the fundamental question is where do I
get the maximum Return on my Investment whilst minimising Risk?

We have addressed this question in the context of SMEs who by
development of IP embedded in new or enhanced Products and Services and
adoption of New Business Models, will forge their place in the Asia
Century to become major Business Enterprises.

Economic development in the Asian region is presenting many business
and commercial opportunities for Australia beyond the resource sectors.

As Australian Business and Commercial Leaders strive for Strategic
Growth in both domestic and export services they do so in the Asian
Century which presents an unprecedented mix of complex Risks and
Opportunities to business enterprises.

The Asian Century
There is a fundamental and historic shift in the world’s economic activity from West to East:
• In 1990 China and India [CHINDIA] together accounted for less than a tenth of the world GDP,
• by 2010 China and India accounted for almost a fifth of the world GDP, and
• by 2020 China and India are projected to account for more than a quarter of world GDP.
• In 2025 The Asia Region will account for more than half of world GDP.
A Strategic Context Reality is that the Threat of Competition from low
cost centres in Asia is accelerating at an alarming rate enabled by
Australia’s Free Trade Agreements.

Globalisation is creating a world of increasing complexity where historical boundaries
between industry sectors and countries are rapidly fragmenting to produce discontinuous changes.
Industries are tending to consolidate on a global basis to lowest cost centres enabled by new
information management technologies supporting global supply chains.

We suggest that the Australian Government Department of Industry and
Science, Industry Growth Centres Initiative is a good place to start.

1. Food and Agribusiness
2. Mining Equipment, Technology and Services [METS]
3. Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals
4. Advanced Manufacturing
5. Oil, Gas and Energy Resources

With recent government announcements on New Submarines Project and
Army LAND 400 – Land Combat Vehicle System we have included Australia
Defence Industry in our study.

6. Defence Industry

Our Business White Paper provides a brief overview of each sector and
a high level SWOT analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and
Threats places the complexities in each of the six sectors in a
strategic context.
A copy of the Business White Paper is available by contacting bede@manufacturship.com

This article originally appeared at The New Industrialist. It has been republished with permission. To see the original version click here.

Bede Boyle is Chairman of Manufacturship Group. He contributes over twenty
years’ leadership roles in management consulting firms
guiding development of a blue chip client base Including BHP, BlueScope
Steel, CBA, Department of Defence, GM Holden, Hancock Coal, Leighton
contractors, QANTAS , SMEC, Xstrata Coal and Zurich Insurance

Image: http://blog.business-trader.com.au

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