WA marine manufacturer meets Mediterranean market

Image: VEEM

Western Australian marine manufacturer VEEM will showcase its gyro stabilisation technology in the Mediterranean Sea from mid-October.

The bespoke marine propellers and assemblage specialist will carry out at-sea demonstrations of its VEEM Gyro technology to shipyard and vessel owners.

The demonstrations boat is a Viking ’64 Open Convertible sportsfish boat, with speeds of up to 43 knots that make it ideal for VEEM’s to showcase its roll stabiliser.

The product is suitable for installation on luxury motor yachts, defence and paramilitary patrol vessels and naval mine-hunters.

It also aids fast crew transfer vessels serving the expanding offshore windfarm industry.

“The VEEM Gyro stabilisers are an amazing device that bolts into the vessel’s hull,” a company statement read.

“The device utilises the gyro-dynamics of a high-speed steel flywheel spinning in a vacuum controlled chamber.

“The VEEM Gyro units deliver their massive roll stabilising torques while producing almost no noise or vibration.”