WA manufacturing agreement to enhance steel production

Perth technology developer Hazer Group has signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a metals manufacturer to investigate commercial opportunities for the steel industry.

Under the agreement, both Hazer and Primetals Technologies Austria will develop a joint roadmap to see whether hydrogen produced using the Hazer Process can increase the energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of steel production.

“Hazer is excited by the opportunity to integrate into the steel industry, reducing both costs and greenhouse gas emissions associated with this massive market,” said Hazer managing director Geoff Pocock.

“Primetals Technologies is the ideal partner for us to explore these options, as they have decades of experience in these markets, as well as significant engineering expertise in scale up of production systems and commercially deploying them in this market.”

Primetals Technologies was founded by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Siemens in 2015 to drive innovation in the field of metals production.

The company supply to companies up and down the value chain, from raw materials to finished product, providing metal producers with tailored solutions and plant equipment.

“The Hazer Process is a fascinating vision and an excellent paradigm of how the carbon footprint can be minimised across various industries,” said Dr Alexander Fleishanderl, technology officer for Primetals Technologies.

“Clearly a win-win for the steel industry, the chemical industry, e-mobility and the climate.”

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