WA industrial park powered by solar microgrid

A solar-powered microgrid will provide electrical energy for industry at the Peel Business Park in Nambeelup, Western Australia.

Built by a consortium led by Enwave Australia, the project will be Australia’s first ever industrial renewable energy microgrid.

The solar farm will be supported by a battery to provide constant power to the 120 hectare lot.

“The Peel Business Park in Nambeelup is being created for forward-thinking businesses and this next generation thinking is reflected in the Park’s proposed microgrid,” said Regional Development Minister, Alannah MacTiernan.

While some energy will be drawn from the Western Power grid when needed, the microgrid reduces the high cost of extending the mains grid to the state, and hastens the development of the industrial land and the opportunity for its development.

In a statement, the Western Australian government said that the microgrid will reduce power prices in the Park by 30 per cent.

Businesses will also be able to lease their roofspace to the consortium to produce more power and feed it into the grid.

“The McGowan Government’s vision for the Peel Business Park is a place where business, industry, training, research and development come together, invigorating the Peel region and creating jobs that cannot be achieved without providing a secure and affordable power supply,” said Lands Minister, Ben Wyatt.

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