WA counter drone manufacturer secures 5G patent

A counter drone software manufacturer based in Perth and Maryland has secured a patent for 5G technology that is said will enable a new generation of cellular networks.

Department 13 (D13) has been granted a US patent which covers signal coding that dramatically reduces power consumption and cost in radio transmitters and significantly increases battery life of phones, computers, drones and cameras.

Current wireless broadband data protocols transmit Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) signals, which have “a high dynamic range and are not amplified efficiently”, according to a D13 statement on ASX.

The newly patented technology spreads data to flatten OFDM signals and reduces power consumption in the transmitter.

“Imagine a fleet of D13 drones equipped as small cell towers that can restore communication services to Houston and Florida immediately after the hurricanes,” said D13 CEO Jonathan Hunter.

“Instead of weeks or months without service, residents and first responders can have voice and broadband as quickly as it take to launch the drones.

“Unlike current cell towers, drones can adapt their flight as the demand for communications and the overall drone market, this patent provides Department 13 with a unique competitive advantage as well as additional revenue streams.”

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