WA-based SMEs solving space sector challenges

Innovative small and medium  enterprises (SME) in Western Australia are taking part in a cross-sector technology capabilities exchange called the Quantum Technology Exchange initiative (QuantumTX) to support the Australian space industry.

“Australia’s ambitions to lead the next decade and beyond of technology innovation to support the global space industry should be limitless,” CEO of NERA, Australia’s Industry Growth Centre for the energy resources sector, Miranda Taylor said.

“Our journey towards this future starts by leveraging our world-leader capabilities in remote operations, robotics, automation and artificial intelligence – all of which have been developed through our energy resources sector.

“By supporting programs like QuantumTX, we can position Australia as a future hub and exporter of the world-leading technology solutions for space, while reinvesting the cross-sector exchange of ideas and innovative into future prosperity for our industries here at home.”

The 10 Program Participants were selected via a competitive process by industry experts. Each SME business is considered to have potential global competitive advantage with existing innovative products that can solve common supply chain challenges across multiple industries including the international space sector.

QuantumTX was created to strengthen capability and collaboration across Australia’s leading industries in technologies that bridge the mining, energy, agricultural and defence sectors and leverage competitive industry advantages into the $314 billion global space sector.

In particular Australia’s world-leading capabilities in remote operations, AI, Digital Twinning and Simulation, Digital Communications and Data Sciences present a huge opportunity to expand, create new markets and build scale, particularly between the energy resources sector and the emerging global space industry.

To seize this opportunity, QuantumTX’s five-month program provides some of Australia’s leading technology innovators with industry mentoring, facilitated market engagement, profile raising, staff development and introductions to new sector networks.

The participating companies will visit facilities such as the European Space Agency deep space tracking station in New Norcia, Roy Hill mining remote systems automation centre, Fugro automation command and control, Woodside Energy’s robotics labs and Muresk Institute’s Smart Farm.

They will also engage with a range of expert speakers from leading organisations; including The European Space Agency, NOVA Systems, ICRAR, BHP, Fleet Space Technologies, CISCO, METS

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