VSPC awarded grant for ground-breaking lithium-cathode manufacturing process

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) has awarded a co-funding grant to VSPC, in order to advance its lithium-cathode manufacturing processes. AMGC will provide matched grant funds of up to $185, 000.

“Advanced manufacturing in all its forms represents a significant opportunity for the Australian economy,” AMGC’s managing director, Dr. Jens Goennemann, said.

“AMGC is pleased to support VSPC as it moves to commercialise its ground-breaking  process. VSPC’s project addresses several global challenges, particularly how to conserve precious raw materials, deal with battery waste and reduce landfill, all while reducing cost.

“VSPC and its partners are a further demonstration of the power of collaboration and the skills that exist in Australia to tackle such a complex process while turning waste into opportunity.”

VSPC, a subsidiary of Lithium Australia, is focused on the design, manufacture and supply of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) and other metal oxides for use in the automotive and minerals processing industries, alongside other applications.

VSPC, which operates an R&D and pilot plant facility in Brisbane, will use the grant to advance processes for the utilisation of lower-cost and recycled (from lithium-ion batteries) materials for the manufacture of lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP) cathode material.

“This co-funding grant from AMGC is an important contribution to the sustainability of LIB manufacture. Society can no longer afford to tolerate the single-use mentality of past generations. VSPC’s initiative to advance the application of lower-cost raw materials is a significant step forward for the battery industry,” Lithium Australia managing director, Adrian Griffin, said.

“This is an opportunity to provide practical outcomes in advancing the circular economy, and I thank AMGC and our other partners for supporting this initiative, which will help conserve resources, reduce landfill and provide the opportunity for a comprehensive stewardship scheme that promotes the responsible use of batteries.”

Raw materials make up more than half of the cost of producing LIB cathode materials, having the technology to utilise lower-cost raw materials and reuse materials from battery recycling are important competitive advantages for VSPC.

VSPC’s proprietary, patented and scaleable manufacturing technologies are low-energy and low-waste.

Demand for battery-based energy storage is experiencing exponential growth globally. That demand is driven by, for example, the burgeoning desire for and production of electric vehicles, stationary energy storage systems (both domestic and industrial) and portable appliances and tools, not to mention all manner of electronic devices.