Volkswagen to recall as a many as 11 million vehicles following emissions scandal

Volkswagen will recall and refit up to 11 million cars, following the revelations they contain software used to cheat diesel emissions tests.

The ABC reports that the decision, which new Volkswagen boss Matthias Mueller will announce in coming days, could cost the company over $6.5 billion euros ($10.4 billion).

Volkswagen has admitted to fitting the software into 5 million of its VW brand vehicles, 2.1 million of its luxury brand Audi, 1.2 million at Czech division Skoda and 1.8 million light commercial vehicles. The vehicles were sold in Europe as well the US.

The company has set aside $6.5 billion euros to cover the cost of the recall but, according to analysts, lawsuits from car owners and fines from regulators could mean the company has to pay more than that figure.

AFP reports that Mueller, who replaced Martin Winterkorn as Volkswagen CEO last week, told a meeting of the company’s senior management on Monday that the company is "facing the severest test in its history".

"The inconceivable misconduct that has come to light in Volkswagen over the past days pains me and angers me immensely," he said.

The AFR reports that engineering company Bosch, which supplied Volkswagen with the controversial software, warned the car maker eight years ago that using it to cheat emissions tests would be illegal.

And Transport Research Laboratories told the UK Government about discrepancies between on-road emissions of the cars in question and the results of lab test results, back in 2009.

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