Volkswagen suspends quality control chief

Volkswagen has suspended its quality control chief, Frank Tuch, in relation to the emissions rigging scandal.

The New York Times reports that Tuch, though not charged with any crime, is the fifth senior Volkswagen executive to be suspended following the company’s admission that it used illegal software that lets cars know when they are undergoing tests and allows them to temporally reduce their emissions.

The company installed the cheating software in 11 million vehicles worldwide between 2009 and 2015; and is now facing a costly vehicle recall to correct the problem.

According to AFP, German prosecutors said on Friday their investigation has identified fewer than 10 suspects in the scandal.

Meanwhile, the Guardian reports that two thirds of Germans say still they trust Volkswagen, despite the scandal. Three quarters of respondents would still buy their cars and 63 per cent said they would forget about the issue in a year.

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