Vodafone Australia agrees machine-learning network expansion

Vodafone Australia has entered into a multi-year enterprise agreement to expand the use of the machine data platform, Splunk.

The technology enables Vodafone to automate many of its processes and allows the team to gain insights and act more swiftly to solve issues that may impact a customer experience.

“Splunk is helping us fine-tune our operations as we continue our focus on putting the customer at the heart of all we do,” said Dan Lloyd, chief strategy officer and corporate affairs director, Vodafone Australia.

“Splunk’s diagnostics and analytics capabilities also help our internal teams uncover issues that may hinder performance or impact customers to maintain a level of performance we’re proud of.” 

Splunk helps to improve internal system performance including log-on times for customer care agents, speed of credit checks and ensuring mobile number porting performance is at optimal levels.

“Leading C-suite executives, like those at Vodafone Australia, understand that machine data is a potential gold mine of information,” Lloyd said.

“This helps companies to deliver better, more tailored services that make happier customers and ultimately drive stronger revenues.

“Vodafone has demonstrated to Australia’s enterprises how machine data can help solve a multitude of business challenges and create opportunities.”