V/Line makes a clean switch from rags to Tork industrial cleaning cloths

A V/Line plant maintenance supervisor switched to industrial cleaning cloths from Tork Australasia to increase efficiency and minimise solvent use in their daily fleet maintenance work.

Maintaining a fleet of maintenance trucks and equipment is dirty business, particularly when the fleet is flat out supporting Australia’s largest regional passenger and freight train tracks. Cleaning up grease was a daily battle for V/Line plant maintenance supervisor David Gregson until he discovered Tork industrial cleaning cloths.

According to Gregson, the rags they used would fill up quickly with grease and became useless, leading to high consumption and wastage. Four months ago they decided to trial the Tork industrial cleaning cloths. The cloths have efficient absorb and release properties so fewer cloths are required to do the job; they also minimise consumption of solvents by approximately 27%. Gregson says they bought four Handy Boxes to start with and found the cloths were very absorbent and tough.

The V/Line plant maintenance department trucks, excavators and back hoes help maintain 3,770 kilometres of passenger and freight railway lines across Victoria and into New South Wales. Since everything goes in the trucks, space is at a premium; one of the huge benefits of the Tork Handy Boxes is that they take up less space. Each Tork Handy Box with 280 cloths does the job of a 25kg bag of coloured rags.

The plant maintenance crew use the Tork industrial cleaning cloths for cleaning parts and equipment after maintenance activities, repairing a hydraulic engine, cleaning up grease and oils, and for wiping hands and even cleaning up the trucks’ interiors.

V/Line has made a clean and quick switch from rags to Tork industrial cleaning cloths.