Victorian Manufacturing Minister makes “embarrassing” mistake

The office of Victorian Manufacturing Minister David Hodgett has accidently released a draft press release that included a query from the Minister.

The Herald Sun reports that, referring to a boat that Mr Hodgett (who is also Minister for Ports) was launching in Victoria, the press release asked – “Do we need to acknowledge that this manufacturing business went to NSW?”

The vessel in question was the MV Lonsdale, a hi-tech vessel built by Australian boat manufacturer Stebercraft, which is based in New South Wales.

Government spokesman Steve Mann said Mt Hodgett likes to push all government entities and businesses to use Victorian manufacturers wherever possible.

“As advised by the Port of Melbourne, under the former Labor Government, a contract to build PoMC vessel the Tim Muir was awarded to NSW company Stebercraft in 2010,” Mr Mann said.

“The Lonsdale is a replica of this vessel, which will ensure interoperability between the vessels, and as such was built by the same company.”

Thus, the accidently released draft of the press release suggested it may be a good idea to keep the location of the boat’s manufacture quiet.

Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight Natalie Hutchins called the mistake embarrassing and added that there are many Victorain Boat builders who could have done the job.

“The evidence suggests that this desperate government has no plans for jobs and they are being lost to other states,” Ms Hutchins said.