Victorian government launches “waste to energy” fund

Biomass plant in Mildura

The Victorian Labor government has launched a new A$2 million Waste to Energy Infrastructure Fund to support sustainable use of waste.

The fund will boost sustainable energy production using organic and other materials and divert more waste from landfill.

It is designed for the waste management sectors with proposals for new or upgraded projects that can be commissioned by 31 December 2019. Expressions of interest close on 3 April 2017. 

Victorian minister for energy, environment and climate change Lily D’Ambrosio said that the new fund would help develop reuse waste  as sustainable energy. 

“Waste to energy projects offer opportunities for Victoria, by creating jobs, helping to reduce business costs, generating sustainable energy and reducing pressure on landfill, “ D’Ambrosio said.

“This program supports investment in renewable energy technologies that will help Victoria become a low carbon economy and reach our target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.” 

Victoria is a major food producing and processing state. Its commercial and industrial sector produced more than 300,000 tonnes of food waste in 2014-15, but only 22 per cent of that was recycled.