VIC manufacturer cutting power bills with Choice Energy


Victorian manufacturer Coringle Furniture is taking advantage of  government funding to combat the 60 per cent price increase on its electricity bill.

With energy dominating so much of their operational expenditure, director Michael Morton posed the question: What would my energy consumption look like after a solar system was installed?

He has since been able to offer an answer to this question with his own consumption data.

Coringle Furniture will create up to $12,000 a year in government funding over the next 13 years to help offset the cost of a 130Kw Industrial Grade solar fit-out, which is cashflow positive from day one and saves them around $50,000 per year.

By engaging a professional energy management consultancy to tender its electricity contract, Coringle Furniture was also able to secure market leading rates as bidding retailers had to compete in a blind tender process.

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By installing a third-party meter to ensure live access to energy usage data, it can now have power bills validated and challenge them when they are incorrect.

“Manufacturing businesses have been the hardest hit with energy price hikes over the past 18 months and many feel obtaining government funding is difficult or too complicated,” said Christopher Dean, CEO of Choice Energy.

“By engaging an expert, a company director may only have to invest a couple of hours and could achieve annual savings in the tens of thousands of dollars. Choice Energy is securing over $500,000 per month in funding for Australian businesses to help cut their energy costs.”

Coringle Furniture is now looking at ways to further benefit from free power such as starting the working day an hour later, when the sun is shining.

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