Venezuelan government seizes toilet paper factory

The Venezuelan government ordered the temporary takeover of a toilet paper factory on Friday. The move follows shortages of many basic products such as personal care items and milk.

AFP reports that the decision was made by an economic panel appointed by President Nicolas Maduro last week.

Announcing the move on Twitter, Vice President Jorge Arreaza said, "The temporary occupation of Manpa (Manufactora de Papel) is aimed at verifying that toilet paper industry production, marketing and distribution."

As Reuters reports, a national agency called Sundecop announced that the occupation of the factory owned by paper producer Manpa would last for 15 days and that, during that period, the facility would be guarded by National Guard troops.

According to government data, the leftist Venezuelan government’s attempts to reform the national economy have resulted in an inflation rate of 32.9 percent and shortages of food, coffee, flour, sugar and other basics.

Venezuela sits on the world's largest proven reserves of crude oil. However, the nation’s government has had poor relations with the US.

Former President Hugo Chavez was known to make claims about alleged US plots to kill him and current President Nicolas Maduro last week claimed the White House is plotting to sabotage food, electricity and fuel supplies to Venezuela .

Image: The Daily Star

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