Veem delivers gyrostabilisers to global superyacht builders

Australian marine technology company, Veem,  has confirmed orders for its gyrostabilisers from some of the most prestigious superyacht builders in Europe – Dutch prestige superyacht builders Feadship Royal De Vries, Royal Huisman, Van Der Valk Shipyard, Talsma Shipyard and French superyacht builder Couach Shipyards.

Veem is a manufacturer of high-technology marine propulsion and stabilisation systems for the global luxury motor yacht, fast ferry, commercial workboat and defence industries. Veem’s gyrostabilisers reduce the rolling motion of vessels in waves, increasing on-sea time and improving personnel safety in a wide range of ocean conditions.

Veem has confirmed sale of a total seven gyro stabilisers to the European clients, of which two were delivered in April 2018, four will be delivered by late 2018 and one will be delivered by late 2019. The company puts the total sales at approximately US$2.73 million (A$3.69 million).

“To have boat builders of the calibre of Feadship Royal De Vries, Royal Huisman, Van Der Valk Shipyards and Talsma Shipyard, together with French superyacht builder Couach Shipyards place orders for Veem gyrostabilisers is a game changer for the global marine stabilisation market,” Veem managing director Mark Miocevich said.

“Over the next decade we expect gyrostabilisers to become standard on most new vessels.”

The breakthrough sales follow recent confirmation by Damen Shipyards Group, one of the world’s largest shipbuilders, that sea trials utilising Veem gyrostabilisers on board a Damen Fast Crew Supplier vessel were successful.

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Damen business development manager David Stibbe said “testing of the Veem VG260SD gyrostabilisers on board a Damen Fast Crew Supplier 5009 fitted with two Veem VG260SD gyrostabilisers and equipped with an Ampelmann L-type crew transfer gangway achieved the target roll reduction of 35-40 per cent as predicted, combined with the faultless performance of the Ampelmann crew transfer system.”

“Damen plans to install Veem’s largest gyrostabiliser, the VG1000SD, in its new 70-metre FCS 7011 to achieve roll reduction of up to 75 per cent in 2.5m waves,” Stibbe further stated.

Damen, Europe’s second largest shipbuilder with more than 200 new vessels annually, is expected to confirm orders for Veem gyrostabilisers in the coming weeks.