Vaughan awarded Master Builder of the Year

Vaughan won the Excellence in Construction of Industrial Buildings award for its work on the Dulux Merrifield Coatings Plant at Mickleham.

National builder, Vaughan Constructions, has won the Master Builder of the Year Award at the Master Builders Association Victoria Awards 2018.

The awards, which showcase exceptional craftsmanship and standards of excellence in the commercial building sector, also honoured Vaughan with the award for Excellence in Construction of Industrial Buildings for its work on the $165 million state-of-the-art Dulux Merrifield Coatings Plant at Mickleham.

Vaughan Constructions director, Mark Byrne, said Vaughan was absolutely thrilled to take out such a prestigious award.

“We are very proud to accept an award which puts us at the top in our industry in ultimately recognising the years of hard work and commitment from our highly experienced and highly skilled team, our attention to detail, and our superior ECI project methodology which works with the client to achieve the best possible outcome.

“The award also reflects the contribution of our consultants, suppliers and subcontractors for their hard work, dedication and loyalty to Vaughan over the years, which is greatly appreciated in helping us to deliver outstanding results,’’ Byrne said.

He said ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) put simply, meant utilising the builder’s expertise as early as possible in the development process to maximise both cost and operational efficiencies in the design and construction of a building.

“There’s no greater disaster for a client than getting the design they want but one they can’t afford or that ultimately doesn’t meet the desired outcome,’’ Byrne said.

He said many national and international companies now utilised ECI methodology to achieve enormous benefits which could extend to ESD outcomes, OH&S, quality, performance objectives, maintenance, life cycle costing, transaction costs and costs associated with both site choice and acquisition.

Vaughan Constructions was engaged under an ECI agreement to complete the base build of Dulux Merrifield, a task which was expanded as the project’s design and implementation progressed to also take on responsibility for the completion of the production process fitout.

Dulux Group project director, Kevin Worrell, said Vaughan Constructions had completed both the base build and integrated fitout of the Dulux facility which is now the largest coatings factory in Australia and New Zealand.

“Vaughan understood the complex nature of this project from the outset, working diligently to ensure the best possible project outcomes,”  Worrell said.

Master Builders Victoria CEO, Radley de Silva, praised Vaughan for the Dulux building’s complexity and its ability to remain durable in a harsh, chemical- based environment.

He congratulated Vaughan on a building which won the award, noting that it expresses remarkable craftsmanship in the way its components come together and meet program challenges.

Vaughan Constructions will also compete at the Master Builders Association National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards at the Adelaide Convention Centre in November.

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