Variable speed drives for HVAC applications

NHP has introduced the NHP MODdrive HVAC ECO range of variable speed drives, designed specifically for HVAC applications.

According to the company, the NHP MODdrive HVAC ECO has a user-friendly design and is available in IP66 to 11kW and IP55 up to 45kW. A large OLED display is included as standard, which allows a fuller viewing angle, high contrast, quick navigation, and faster setup.

It is a dedicated ‘low harmonics’ HVAC variable speed drive that uses the latest technology to minimise disruption (harmonics) of the incoming mains power supply typically created by non-linear loads such as standard variable speed drives.

The variable speed drive reduces harmonic current distortion to below 30% iTHD (Total Harmonic Distortion), whilst also increasing efficiency by reducing the input current levels, leading to reduced lifetime costs. In addition, it incorporates a film capacitor design which offers increased efficiency and longer shelf-life compared with standard variable speed drives.

It includes fire mode operation, which is particularly useful in smoke extraction systems and stairwell pressurisation applications.