Vaccine maker nets $300,000+ grant

Veterinary vaccine manufacturer MSD Animal Health has been awarded a $335,660 grant from the Gillard Government to install a solar power system aimed at cutting pollution and power costs.

In a statement yesterday Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change, Industry and Innovation, Yvette D'Ath, said the grant would help make MSD a more competitive company.


“Introducing renewable energy through a solar PV system is a great way to cut costs in the manufacturing process,” she said.


“This project will help MSD Animal Health to become more economically and environmentally sustainable into the future, and the Gillard Government is pleased to be able to support it.”


The Government contribution will be matched by an equal investment by MSD and will go toward installing a new solar PV power system.


D'Ath said the new 250kW system would reduce the MSD's carbon emissions by 22 per cent, saving around $44,000 a year in energy costs.


The MSD grant was funded by the carbon tax, and follows a separate carbon-tax funded initiative that saw Adelaide Ice Services win a $90,000 grant earlier this week.


Despite the flurry of new funding, the Federal Government's carbon tax remains unpopular in some parts of the business community.


Earlier this week Origin Energy CEO Grant King said the renewable energy target and carbon tax were hurting manufacturers and threatening the competitiveness of local industries.


King said the local carbon price would have to come down “no matter what” due to the much cheaper cost of carbon in other countries.

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