Use of aluminium in cars up in US

use of aluminium in car making in the United States is apparently on the rise, though
steel has the edge with incumbency and price.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the new model Ford F-150 is around 320
kilograms less than the 2009 model, with a large part of the reason being
aluminium replacing steel.

piece of evidence to support the argument that steel is gaining ground is Alcoa’s New York Stock Exchange price, which is up by four fifths since October.

high price of oil and increased regulation on emissions are helping drive the
demands for lighter weight cars. A light vehicle is typically made up in weight
by 70 per cent steel and 10 per cent aluminium, according to the Journal.

holding back the increased adoption of aluminium in cars include the
established links between the steel industry and car companies, the familiarity
of panel beaters with steel, and the cheapness of auto-grade steel over


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