US vice president praises Melbourne Boeing workforce

Image: News Corp

US vice president Joe Biden visited the Boeing Aerostructures plant in Port Melbourne yesterday, talking up the value of free trade and innovation and addressing 200 employees after a factory tour.

“You’re among the most productive workers in the world,” the ABC reports him as telling the audience.

“That’s why the future belongs to those countries that engage in fair trade, those countries that engage in empowering their workforce, those countries that engage in practices that are totally consistent with the conduct of international commerce.”

Fairfax reports that the vice president also said there would be more investment in high-tech, high-skilled industry between his country and Australia in the future.

Port Melbourne features Boeing’s largest R&D presence outside of the US, and the highly automated factory creates wing flaps for the 787 Dreamliner.

The US aerospace company celebrated its centenary on Friday and over the weekend at a Seattle event.

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