US Energy Association goes to Canberra to discuss energy landscape

United States Energy Association executive director Barry Worthington

The United States Energy Association executive director Barry Worthington went to Canberra last Friday to discuss energy management and Trump administration energy policy.

Australia is currently dealing with a variety of energy issues including resource management, old infrastructure, and a natural gas shortage because of limits on supply and no domestic gas stockpiling.

Worthington talked with Canberra officials about these issues. He said that Australia should pursue an‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy – using every source of energy possible to ensure abundant cheap energy to industry. 

“In many countries, coal is not only the most reliable but the most economical energy source. Why would you do away with your most reliable and most economical supply?” Worthington said.

“We’re fortunate relative to Australia in that we have an abundant supply of natural gas, and it’s very inexpensive. This is reigniting manufacturing in the United States.

“If President Trump can unleash industry from the regulatory tangle that we’re currently caught up in, we can produce more fossil energy, but also renewable energy. We’ll then be able to export coal, natural gas, crude oil and refined petroleum products around the world.”