US acquisition expected to benefit Visy’s Australian sales

Yesterday Visy executive chairman Anthony Pratt finalised
the purchase of California-based Robert Mann Packaging.

The Australian Financial Review reports that the
acquisition of RMP is expected to boost Visy’s
Australian operations.

RMP will source about 80,000 tonnes of paper annually
from Visy’s mills in Tumut, NSW.

“It adds another major export customer for our
Tumut operations and gives us a true national presence in the US by
opening up California, the only region Pratt USA didn’t have an
operation,” Pratt told The AFR.

Visy, a cardboard maker and recycler, is Australia’s
biggest private company, with revenues of around $4.4 billion annually.

RMP was acquired for $75 million, has revenues of
around $210 million, and has around 15 locations in the western United States
and Mexico. It was established in 1971 and makes corrugated cardboard boxes and


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