Up to 400 product development engineer jobs to go at Holden by year’s end

Up to 400 product development engineer jobs are estimated to
be cut by the end of the year at Holden.

Professionals Australia’s Sharelle Herrington told AAP the
jobs were expected to go before Christmas, though there was uncertainty about

Earlier this week, Holden’s spokesman refused to comment on
the details of the redundancies, but the company was decreasing its
workforce over time and there was a voluntary separation program in place.

“We are absolutely committed to a long
and orderly transition but won’t engage in speculation on timing or the number
of employees impacted and have nothing to announce,” spokesman Sean Poppitt told the ABC.

Herrington told Monash Weekly, “These staff are
all product development engineers, these are the people who design the car, who
make it work, do all of the engines and chassis and everything else.”

She said the total number of jobs lost for 2014
would be between 200 and 400, with about 200 jobs next year.

The final VF Commodore will be updated for the last
time in October 2015, as Holden prepares to end its local manufacturing
operations altogether in 2017.

Image: News Corp