Up to 160 Technical Centre jobs to go at Toyota

Toyota has said an extra 160 jobs at its Victorian technical centre could
end as the company prepares to end manufacturing in Australia 2017.

Fairfax reports that Toyota Technical Centre Australia
will shed as many as 160 positions from as early as 2015.

“Only a limited number of functions [were] likely to remain beyond 2017,“ said Toyota in a statement.

Senior executives at TTC-AU and Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan have worked tirelessly to investigate options for the future of the company and have sadly determined that TTC-AU is not viable in the long term in its current format without local production.

“As a result, there will be staggered redundancies from as early as next year as each major project for Australia and Toyota globally is completed.”

The AMWU commented that one of the
ramifications of losing automotive manufacturers was the loss of engineering
and other roles supporting this.

“We’ve now started to
see the flow-on effects of the federal government’s decision not to support the
car making industry,” said the union’s Dave Smith.

This week shadow industry minister Kim Carr also
told Manufacturers‘ Monthly that a lack of support by the current government
was to blame for the of car making in Australia, and that Toyota was discussing producing two new models with the former Labor government.

Toyota was the last car company to announce
that it would stop manufacturing in Australia. It did so in in February.

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