Universal Robots is levelling the automation playing field

Universal Robots (UR) are launching a financial services leasing program alongside global finance company DLL, in order to give Australian manufacturers immediate access to the “collaborative robots” (cobots) they manufacture without upfront capital investment. 

The partnership between the automation solutions manufacturer and the financial services company enables all manufacturers, regardless of size or capital equipment budgets, to reap the benefits of automation without worrying about cash flow and seasonal fluctuations.

“Locally, systems are in place and this service is available to Australian and New Zealand manufacturers” head of SEAO at Universal Robots, Darrell Adams, said.

According to Adams, the new leasing option provides customers with the option to start automating with cobots immediately.

“The equipment starts generating income before you have made your first payment. It helps the business acquire the cobot it needs now without significant down payment. Leasing also ensures you are never stuck with outdated equipment and there are further tax advantages too.

“With automation and Industry 4.0 becoming more and more of a hot conversation topic in the local market, the move could not have come at a better time. Accelerated automation is required and the UR Leasing Programme will go a long way towards making this a reality for many small to medium enterprises” Adams said.

DLL is offering UR’s customers tailor-made financing and leasing programs. As business needs change, customers will have the option to schedule payments to fit fluctuations in cash flow, upgrade to new equipment, or add cobots anytime during the contract term. At the end of the finance term, customers will have the option to buy the equipment for a fraction of the original cost, upgrade to newer technology, extend the finance term or simply return the equipment.

“We are levelling the playing field by enabling all manufacturers to immediately put cobots to work without an upfront capital investment. UR Financial Services offers end users a fast, low-risk and financially-friendly model to accelerate automation in their factories,” UR’s CFO, Klaus Vertergaard, said.

“The partnership makes it easy to upgrade existing cobots, add additional units or test cobots for the first time – and equips end users to maximise productivity, quality and profitability, without increasing costs or cash outlay.”

President of the construction, transportation & industrial global business unit at DLL, Neal Garnett, said that “the market we operate in is evolving rapidly.”

“Cobots are transforming the industry and UR is clearly the market leader. Our tailored financial solutions give UR’s end users an easy way to reduce the risk of deploying cobots by shifting from ownership to flexible, usage-based financing. Manufacturers can build the operations they need to compete and thrive, while people work on strategic tasks.”

Universal Robots was founded in 2005 with the intention to make robot technology accessible to all by developing small, user-friendly, reasonably priced, flexible collaborative robots (cobots) that are safe to work with. Since the first cobot was launched in 2008, the company has grown to sell the cobots worldwide. In 2018, Universal Robots had a revenue of USD 234 million.

“Universal Robots look forward to removing the last barrier to automation!” Adams said.

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