Underwater robotics company to test technology for US Navy

Aquabotix demonstrated its swarming capabilities by remotely operating 25 SwarmDivers in a linear format. Source: Aquabotix

Aquabotix, an Australia- and US-based underwater robotics company, has signed an agreement with a US Navy Federal laboratory, allowing the company to test and demonstrate its robotic technologies for the US Navy.

The Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the United States Naval Undersea Warfare Centre (NUWC), gives Aquabotix access to the Narragansett Bay test Facility as well as the facility’s ranges and personnel.

Aquabotix will be using the facility to test and demonstrate its SwarmDiver and other relevant technologies for the US Naval laboratory and other interested parties.

Aquabotix’s SwarmDiver is a micro swarming unmanned surface vehicle (USV) capable of diving to 50 meters and swarming in groups of 40 or more vehicles.

A swarm is a series of small, cost-effective unmanned vehicles launched from any platform of opportunity which can operate collectively to quickly gather data and report back in near real-time. The swarming algorithm allows vehicles to communicate with each other to make decisions as a group. This allows SwarmDiver to quickly and accurately self-arrange in various swarm formations as well as dive simultaneously to collect synoptic data sets.

Based in Sydney, Australia and Fall River, Massachusetts, US, Aquabotix is an underwater robotics company which manufactures and sells commercial and industrial-grade underwater drones for commercial and military applications.